I am Olivia, also known as Liv, and I am married to Jayson.

We live in Oxfordshire with our three children and two cats.

LivFit launched in January 2018 with the hope of helping others in my local community get healthier and feel better about themselves. Since then I have gone from teaching one class a week to teaching four as well as taking on personal training clients.  The end of 2018 also saw me open up my own Sports Massage Therapy clinic based at Abingdon Sports and Leisure.

In terms of my own training, in 2018 I have completed  a 90 day body conditioning programme, reached my goal of running 10km in under an hour (in June) and also made a start on some hypertrophy training in October.

My goals for 2019 are to improve my yoga headstands and overall form in my own yoga practice as well as continue to work on my strength conditioning.