I will be the first to tell you that I never used to exercise - ever!

I've been injured

After suffering multiple lower leg injuries 12 years ago whilst in the military, I assumed that what the doctors had told me then was absolute and right; that I would not, could not and should not run or do impact exercise again. So I didn’t. And I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate either.

I've been pregnant

However when I got pregnant with my eldest son in 2010 I was classed as being medically obese (and that was before I gained any baby weight). The extra weight put even more pressure on my body and caused problems with Pelvic Symphysis Disorder, which had me on crutches and hospitalised due to the pain. My following two pregnancies followed a similar pattern with severe pelvic pain, requiring regular physio/chiropractic treatment to help relieve the symptoms.  I wasn't really clued up on how to recover my core after having children and in doing nothing for 10 months I probably helped myself heal more than if I had started exercising earlier. I now know that there is so much more I could have done to help myself.

I've been ashamed of my dress size

The Christmas before our daughter arrived I was bought a set of pjs, they were an 18. I got really upset about the number on the label, and it stuck with me. I couldn't believe I had gotten so big. So, after my youngest was born in 2015 I knew I had to do something about my weight and fitness levels, not just to be able to keep up with three small people, but for myself. My pre-pregnancy clothes I had didn't fit me and I couldn't bear to buy anything new. Instead I stuck to the stretchy leggings and tunic tops from being pregnant to hide my size.

But then I made one change that started me on a new path to better health

In January 2016 I started attending a local adult ballet class once a week. My new years resolution had been to have one hour to myself each each week  and I stuck to it for 18 months. It was a gentle class that slowly built up my level of fitness from zero to something.

In May 2017 I tried Piyo for the first time, and for the following 90 consecutive days  I pressed play on my laptop or phone and did my workout at home, whilst on holiday camping, at my parents house.   It transformed me.  It not only changed my physical appearance and health but also my attitude towards exercise too. Since then, I have followed a few other virtual programmes using my 'netflix of fitness' and regularly go running (as long as there is no rain).

Piyo has not only become my favorite workout but it made me realise that I wanted to share it with others, and it was the positive mindset behind the workouts that drove me to become a qualified instructor in January 2018. 

Since I started this journey I have lost 50lbs, dropped 5 dress sizes and maintained my goal weight for over a year and toned up. These physical changes didn't happen over night and there were no magic potions or short cuts. It took time and being consistent with my exercise and what I chose to feed my body (good balanced nutrition) and mind (maintaining a positive attitude).  I now coach others using the programmes I did, and you can find out more by contacting me at [email protected]