The whole idea of Eat Fit is to empower you to understand more about food so YOU can feel more informed about what you eat and make better choices that fit with your health and fitness goals.

To do this I use a premium Nutrition Program created by Autumn Calabrese; a fitness trainer and holistic health coach who created the 21 Day Fix and 80 Day Obsession programmes.

Using the colourful portion containers that she initially introduced to the fitness community with 21 Day Fix five years ago,  this programme takes the Portion Fix idea to whole new level, including breaking free of sugar addiction, AND getting the entire family on board with healthy eating with the Family Fix. My three children LOVE the colorful Eat The Rainbow chart that is included where they get to check off boxes and earn a reward!

There is no eliminating food groups. There is no assigning food made up values. This is simple portion control, balanced macro-nutrients and reducing the volume of processed foods and sugars we eat.

We also dive deeper into the emotional side of eating to help us once and for all STOP yo-yo dieting, this plan is about eating for your goals and fueling your body each and every day.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

30 new videos covering everything about the containers with deep dives into the principles of the plan so you can really grasp each concept. No more food guessing, only results.

  • Full set of color-coded containers
  • The Ultimate Portion Fix Program Guide
  • Tracking: On iOS, users can find container, weight, and water tracking in the Beachbody Nutrition+ App. On Android, users can track these items within the Beachbody On Demand App.
  • Fixate Volume 2 Cookbook with 102 new recipes (including my favorite sweet potato cookies!)
  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF, a quick-and-easy resource for parents who want to make sure their kids are getting a variety of healthy foods and not eating the same things over and over again.
  • Access to more than 200 Fixate Cooking Videos
  • Beachbody Insulated Tote Bag* with containers, ice packs, and plenty of storage so you can meal prep and take your food with you to stay on track (only available with certain purchases)
  • ME! Yes that’s right, I will be with you the whole way through as your certified Master Coach