As a Personal Trainer I could wax lyrical about how personal trainers can help improve your body composition, physical performance and adherence to the work that's been set out. And I can do that, it is what I have trained to do. But in reality you probably don’t need that, you just need to be the best you there is. 

Now if that means you need to lose some weight, fine, we can work on that. But if you are a mum like me, it may be more likely that you need to improve your core and upper body strength to help with all the endless requests from your toddler to pick them up.  Or you're a Dad whose 8 year old has just discovered they like to run and you’d like to be able to join in without getting out of breath by the time you reach the corner of your street.

You’ve heard celebrities banging on about how they transformed their fitness thanks to their personal trainer, especially after having children – now you can too! As someone that is also a specialist in pre and postnatal exercise, I am able to help you help your body recover after having a baby. This is not just about getting your figure back, but ensuring that your body is allowed to heal and function properly after growing a whole tiny human.  

I know all too well from my own experience as a mum of three that your own health and fitness drop to the bottom of the priority pile once you become a mum, and finding time is hard. Making time for you is a game changer - it turned my health around. I can promise you that making time for exercise is exactly what you need. By being more active and healthy you will have more energy which in turn will help you at home and survive all the usual “mum” activities - such as the school run!

How did I do it? By following daily workouts from the comfort of my own home with the support of my own online coach, and this may also be a great solution for you if, like me, getting to a Gym for 1 to 1 training isn't feasible.  I also offer personal training sessions at Results Gym in Abingdon or I can also deliver training in person at your home.

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It isn’t scary. You don’t have to be an athlete. You tell me what you want to achieve, and I will design and deliver a training programme that suits you perfectly.

You can expect a whole range of exercises but they will likely include

  • body weight exercises
  • freeweights
  • resistance bands or tubes
  • interval training

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