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Welcome to my new blog!

For 2019 I have decided to challenge myself to write about my own health and fitness journey.

This is where you’ll find me talking about everything from the workouts I have followed, to the equipment I have used, to trainers I wear.

I hope these little insights will help you all get a greater understanding about what I do for myself – and how you can join in too.

For those of you that haven’t read my bio on the website here is an introduction to who I am and how I ended up starting LivFit.

I have been married to my husband Jayson for 10 years and we have three amazing children currently aged 7, 5 and 3 years old.

I had been a stay-at-home-mum since the eldest was born, and having always battled with my weight before having children, and seen it fluctuate even more in between having children, I decided enough was enough. When my youngest was 3 months from her 2nd birthday, I reached out to someone on Instagram (of all places) having seen her post about a ” virtual moms-support group”. This someone was called Lisa.

I spent much time lurking in that group, mostly because all the other ladies seemed to have it so together and were following programmes on a platform that (at that time) I couldn’t access. I had been going to weekly ballet classes to help with my core recovery and to do some gentle exercise for about a year, but if I am honest, it didn’t do THAT much in terms of weight loss. I was also walking a lot, and baby wearing, and told myself that this was enough. And looking back objectively, it probably was enough at the time but it was never going to get me to my weight loss goals.

Due to my history of injury I was quite concerned about trying out any of the programmes that Lisa and the other mums were doing, but in talking to her she suggested I try out Piyo – a non impact but body toning workout. Now I have to admit that I had tried 30 day shred, about 4 times, I would get to day 8 or 12 but be so bored by doing the same routine that I would stop for two days, and then try and continue with the next level. But because of the lack of consistency I then injured myself. In 2017 the only way I could get the dvds for Piyo was either 2nd hand via ebay or ordering via the TV. I opted for eBay.

And so in May 2017, just after my daughter turned two, I began my 60 days of Piyo. I promise to talk about it in another post but to say it was life changing was an understatement. I loved it’s energy, I enjoyed the music, I liked the positivity of the trainer on the screen but most of all I loved how it made me feel. What’s more I completed the whole 60 days and followed it up with another 30. I was hooked and found myself looking forward to working out each day. But alongside me, was Lisa, cheering me on everyday along with the other mums in our little group. They understood the daily dramas of motherhood, the struggle to put yourself first and find time to get your workout in. They celebrated the highs and pushed me through the lows. They became¬†my fitness friends.

Having finished with Piyo in August I started on a second programme called T:25, another programme produced by the same company that had brought out Piyo. As it turns out this company, Beachbody, had been a leader in at home exercise for years, especially in the USA but was slowly starting to make waves in the UK as well.  This one was much more cardio based and got me moving more than I ever thought possible.

Come October 2017 I had completed the first phase of this T:25 and would tell everyone who would listen about how much good these at home workouts were. Not only did I feel great but I had finally reached my goal weight too. I believed in these programmes so much that when the opportunity arose, I signed up the day Beachbody launched it’s streaming platform in the UK which meant I would no longer need to buy DVDs and would have access to ALL of its other workouts. And I didn’t just sign up as a paying customer but as one of the founding Beachbody coaches in the UK. Lisa was now officially my coach, my business mentor, as well as being my friend.

But why do you need to know this?

I am telling you this part of the story because without it, I wouldn’t have reached the stage where I thought “I can help others do this to”.

It was Lisa, who despite the fact that I told her I was unsure numerous times, helped me to become a coach. It was Lisa and the ladies in my group that suggested that I seek out getting qualified as a Piyo instructor. And when I wasn’t satisfied with just being a coach but wanting to know more about fitness and dig deeper with the qualifications, it was that same group (along with my awesomely supportive husband and parents) that told me to go for it and were there whilst I studied, revised and sat my exams. They are the people that see all my sweaty selfies and the video snapshots of my workouts with the wobbly mum tum. They are the people that listen to my struggles with trying to get in that 3rd and 4th unassisted pull up, they are my fit-family.

To this day I still check in with this group. this is where I get my daily encouragement and support from which in turn helps enable me to support the men and women who have joined my own virtual groups.

The combination of great workouts, good nutrition (something you will see me write more about) and accountability have definitely been the secret to my success, and I can promise that they can help you too!

Fast forward 18 months and I am fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist and I coach a thriving and enthusiastic online community.

If you are interested in getting the same kind of support in your journey or want to know more about coaching please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.